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Curb Appeal Tips for Your Austin Texas Rental Property

By Rave Property Management

So you’re just getting ready to rent your Austin Texas Rental Property; you’ve painted, cleaned and have it ready for new tenants. However, did you consider improving the general curb appeal?

Focusing on curb appeal can offer significant advantages for a landlord. Some of these advantages include:

  • More overall interest & prospective tenants viewing the property
  • Fewer days on the market based on the overall condition of the property (Interior/Exterior)
  • Higher rent potential based on desirability

You can take steps that are cost effective to improve the curb appeal by following these simple tips.

Clean Up Your Austin Texas Rental Property

Does your rental property still have tree limbs, leaves, and debris left over from winter? If so, it’s time to get your property cleaned up because first impressions do count, even when it comes to a rental, because if a perspective tenant thinks your property looks unsightly, they may choose to keep looking.

Besides removing debris and cleaning up your property in Austin, or the surrounding area, you should also consider moving/trimming the grass, cutting back bushes or shrubs, painting your mailbox and power washing your driveway to make your rental property more inviting.

Plant New Flowers & Fresh Mulch

Another tip you can use for making your Austin Texas Rental Property more inviting is to plant new flowers. If this isn’t easy for you to do at this time you should purchase pre-planted flower bowls or planters from stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s and place them in front of your rental property.

Create Conversation Areas Outside

Last of all, but equally important, if your Austin Rental has a small porch or patio area, you should stage patio furniture so that prospective renters can take notice there are plenty of areas for them to socialize, grill during the summer, and enjoy living in & hanging outside your rental property.

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Austin Texas Named Best State Capitol to Live in the United States


By Rave Property Management

AUSTIN, TX. – Thanks to recent data from we know that Austin Texas has been named the best state capital to live in the United States.

Why is Austin the best state capitol to live in the United States? There are a variety of factors including economic strength, excellent health care, fun things to do in the area, affordable housing, cool people, great food, awesome music and so much more.

Best State Capitol to Live

Besides all of the obvious reasons why Austin Texas is the best state capital to live in the United States we also have an excellent cultural scene, great educational opportunities, awesome quality of life, cool coffee shops and many other great benefits that make Austin ideal if you want to live in a state capitol.

Unlike other state capitals in the United States that “feel” like state capitols, Austin is different because our city offers a “coolness” that can’t be found in other state capitals in the USA; this is thanks in large part to Austin also being the Music Capitol of the World and a major destination for the artists, singers, songwriters, poets, and creative people to come and live.

Where Are the Worst State Capitols to Live?

So now we know that Austin is considered to be the best state capitol to live in the United States, the big question is, where are what some would consider to be the “worst capitals” in the United States?

Here’s Wallet Hubs ranking of the worst state capitals:

Indianapolis, Indiana

Dover, Delaware

Little Rock, Arkansas

Providence, Rhode Island

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Carson City, Nevada

Montgomery, Alabama

Trenton, New Jersey

Hartford, Connecticut

Jackson, Mississippi

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