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What to Expect on Owner Draws and Monthly Statements

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about how you’ll receive money, send money and view documents.

Owner Draws and Contributions

  • An Owner Draw is a disbursement of funds transferred to your bank account. We take great pride in transferring owner draws timely with next business day transfers generally by the 10th of each month.
  • A disbursement is determined by the income (monthly rent) less expenses such as management fees, leasing fees, any maintenance repairs/makereadies, or perhaps court costs for terminating a tenant.
  • An Owner Contribution is money deposited by an owner to cover costs that may exceed income. Owners can conveniently initiate a contribution directly from their portal (fees may apply) or mail in funds.

Owner Statements

  • Rave Property Management uses state of the art property management software providing our clients easy to read statements, inspection reports, repair invoices, and custom year-end tax 1099’s.
  • Each month you’ll receive a monthly statement for your records. Owner statements accompany each owner draw (even if there’s no owner draw to disburse) all shared in your exclusive account portfolio. A year end property statement is provided along with the 1099 for tax purposes.
  • You can also view and download lease agreements, invoices, inspection reports, and the property management agreement directly from your portal at any time all stored in one place.

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Our dedicated team is here to provide you assistance at every phase of management.
Please contact Lea Daamgard, Asset Manager, for any questions regarding owner draws, owner statements, invoices, and year-end tax documents.

Phone: 512.524.7339 or 512.377.1486 x5

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Rave Testimonials-

“The team at Rave is highly knowledgeable, professional and advised me on leasing my investment property. Their services exceeded my expectations. They were able to find a highly qualified tenant in a matter of a few days. I began receiving an immediate return on my investment—weeks before my first mortgage payment was even due!!!”
— Mike R.
“I have been extremely pleased with my experience with Rave. They are instrumental in marketing, pricing and listing my investment properties. Communication is always professional and very courteous. The owner portal is convenient for notification and approval of work orders and the financial statements provide the level of detail I need.”
— Harold L.
“The team at Rave is very helpful, they deposit rent directly into my bank account each month and ask for repair approvals on all repairs, so I am not surprised at the end of the month and know what is going on with the property.”
— Nancy F.