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What to Expect about the Maintenance Process

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about how the make-ready and maintenance repair process works.


  • A Make-Ready is work done to the home and property prior to a tenant moving in. Make readies can take up to 3-10 days depending on the scope of the job needed.
  • Make-Readies can involve bringing the property up to code, touch up or repainting, flooring, filling in nail holes, replacing blinds, light bulbs, batteries, air filters, thorough clean on the inside, and lawn care.
  • Our team will provide a property owner up to 2 quotes, seek approval for all make-ready items, and manage the project to prepare the home for marketing or move in.

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Maintenance Repairs

  • Normal wear and tear happens in a home. Tenants submit Service Requests for things such as garbage disposals, plumbing issues, refrigerators, a/c matters, hot water heaters, garage doors, and pest control.
  • All repairs are addressed promptly and must be approved by the owner. The normal turn around time for a repair to be completed is 3-7 days depending on the nature of the repair.
  • Rave Property Management proudly partners with local professional contractors to complete all repairs.
  • Tenants and property owners can call our 24/7 Maintenance line at 512.256.8630 to report an issue or submit a request directly from their portals. All maintenance requests are viewable in the portals where the status and contractor information can be viewed at any time.

Our dedicated team is here to provide you assistance at every phase of management.
Please contact Madison Barnard, Maintenance Coordinator for any questions regarding makereadies and/or maintenance repairs.

Phone: 512.298.1748 or 512.377.1486 x1

Rave Testimonials-

“I enjoy being a tenant with Rave. Super easy to use the portal. Very efficient when maintenance request. Thank you so much!!”
— Dorothy R.
“All maintenance requests were answered and fixed very timely by super friendly contractors. If a contractor had not contacted us in 1 day, Rave PM would get another contractor who would be there the same day. All communication was easy in general. Communicating with anyone at Rave was just 1 phone call, no need to call and call and call. I cannot recall a time where my issue was not taken care of in one phone call. The staff was very friendly. Willing to help with our needs of a renewal that was less than 12 months without hiking up the monthly rent..”
— Nina H.
“As an owner Rave Property management has been great. There are always expenses, especially on rental property, but my cash flow has improved and is fairly steady now that Rave has taken over. I am very pleased. They keep me informed on what is going on with the property. Pictures are always sent of improvements and repairs!.”
— Nancy F.