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Owner FAQs

Who handles the maintenance and repairs for the property? Do you have maintenance staff or subcontract the repairs?

We use reliable, qualified and cost effective contractors to diagnose the issue, provide estimates and make the necessary repairs upon approval.

What type of properties do you manage?

The company specializes in single and multifamily properties. Although we do have experience managing office condominiums, commercial, retail and industrial warehouse property.

Who is responsible for maintaining the yard?

Responsibility of lawn care is generally left to the tenant and called out specifically in the lease agreement. In some situations, the property owner will elect to pay the expense and provide this as a service for the tenant.

What appliances should I make available at the property?

Almost always the refrigerator. Some situations allow the use of the washer and dryer, however most tenants already own a set and this can become an issue with storing the set that is not used.

Who much will my property lease for and how long will it take to lease?

An analysis of the property is performed to determine this information. The analysis is based on recent rental activity and includes comparable properties in the neighborhood that are currently listed for lease or leased recently. The analysis is based on similar properties built around the same year, similar square footage and located in the same neighborhood.

How do I view and access documents for my property?

All financial statements, management agreements, lease agreements, invoices and other documentation is available 24/7 through an online owner portal

How do you manage property repairs and maintenance?

We have developed relationships with experienced, reliable and cost effective contractors. These contractors will provide an initial estimate and depending on the cost of repair, approval is required from the owner. The threshold for approving work orders is specified in the management agreement. Generally, any repair over $200.00 will require approval.

Do you require an owner reserve?

Yes, the owner reserve is a minimum amount retained in the portfolio each month. The $300.00 reserve is retained in the event of a necessary repair. Once the rent is received, the portfolio minimum is replenished back to $300.00. Upon completion of management services the owner reserve is returned to the property owner.

Who maintains deposits received from tenants?

Security and pet deposits are received from tenants and maintained by in a separate trust account. Upon move out these funds may be used for make ready expenses or can be completely refunded to the tenant. This will depend on the condition of the property.

Is rental income directly deposited into my account?

Yes, once rental income clears our business account we have the ability to initiate a next day payment to property owners.

What amount is generally collected for a security deposit?

Security deposits are generally 100% of rent.

I have a home warranty will you coordinate the repair with them?

Yes, our contact information is added to the warranty contract and the warranty item is submitted with the warranty company. The trade fee is paid and the issue is tracked through resolution.

If a tenant is unable or refuses to pay rent what happens?

Late fees are assessed according to the lease agreement. A 3-day notice is sent certified mail to vacate or pay rent and late fees in full. If rent and late fees are not received via certified funds three days after the notification, an eviction is filed with the county of record. One of our representatives will appear in court and a judgment is awarded for non-payment of rent. The judge will provide a date in which the tenant must vacate the property.