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There is tremendous satisfaction knowing that we are exceeding our customers’ expectations. Here are some shared comments from some of our satisfied customers:

The team at Rave is highly knowledgeable, professional and advised me on leasing my investment property. Their services exceeded my expectations. They were able to find a highly qualified tenant in a matter of a few days. I began receiving an immediate return on my investment—weeks before my first mortgage payment was even due!!

Mike R.

I have been extremely pleased with my experience with Rave. They are instrumental in marketing, pricing and listing my investment properties. Communication is always professional and very courteous. The owner portal is convenient for notification and approval of work orders and the financial statements provide the level of detail I need.

Harold L.

I am very confident in Rave’s ability to manage my property. Most recently, they negotiated lease renewal terms with the tenant, increased the monthly rent and posted a copy of the signed lease renewal on my owner portal. The following month cash flow increased and the property is under a lease agreement for another year.

John D.

The team at Rave is very helpful, they deposit rent directly into my bank account each month and ask for repair approvals on all repairs, so I am not surprised at the end of the month and know what is going on with the property

Nancy F.

I have been renting in the Austin area for over 15 years. I have had a wide variety of experiences with the many different property management companies I have encountered. However, none have been as pleasant as my experience with RAVE. They are accessible, efficient and friendly. As a tenant, I definitely recommend RAVE.

Megan M.

Since I live in California, I needed a property management company I could trust. My experience with Rave has been hassle free. Monthly deposits and statements are on time and there is a great line of communication. The team at Rave is reputable, competent, honest and friendly.

Andrea G.

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